Caro Ward Artist BA (Hons) Fine Art

"From her stable-turned-studio in the English countryside, Caro Ward creates paintings that explore the full breadth of the special connection between horses and people. Whether invoking mythical or historical aspects of that connection or examining horses as beautiful creatures, Ward's work walks the line between dramatic and delicate. In this regard, Ward's attention to emotion, apparent through her modernist depictions of her subjects, is particularly captivating. Furthermore, Ward elaborates this deep connection through symbolic flourishes and splatters of oil paint, gestures that provide thematic and artistic counterpoints to her more structured and stylized techniques.

In her work as a whole, Ward proposes multiple dichotomies about horses in an elaborate, yet economical, style. Untamed animals are juxtaposed with trained ones, while historical events are placed alongside legend. The cohesion in these disparate depictions occurs in her composition: the evanescent qualities of Ward's frequent use of pastels, in her deliberate and clean brushwork, and the use of the negative space to allow her equine subjects to breathe. Foremost, however, is the sense of dignity, even in her bridled horses." Agora Gallery, New York

"Yes, glad I bought it, I love it." Eric Mathews on a print of Horse with Hounds

"Got it in my lounge, above my computer, when I look at it, it makes me feel relaxed, and it looks beautiful framed." Debbie Oliver on her print of Ruben's Horse

"These are really nice, I just love the use of colour." Cassy Bell while ordering her print of Emerald Eyes

"What impressed me was how Caro got the know the horse's personality, before beginning to paint the horse. It was my daughters 21st Birthday Present and we love it." Nicola Turner on her portrait commission.